The importance of being encouraging

We almost cried after reading this amazingly touching article on how a mom encouraged her child through school, and we had to translate it into English for our readers. Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world! Tell us how you encourage your kids in the comments!


At a mum’s first Parent-Teacher session, her son’s Kindergarten teacher said, “He has ADHD and can’t sit still for more than 3 minutes. You should bring him for a medical test.”

On the way ho

me, he asked her asked her what the teacher said. She nearly started crying – in a class of 30 children, his performance was the worst. The teacher only appeared unhappy with him.

However, she told her son, “Your teacher complimented you. She said previously you could only sit still for less than one minute, but you can now sit for three minutes. All the other mums are envious of me because in the entire class, only you showed improvement.”

That night, for the first time, her son ate two bowls of rice, and didn’t need her to feed him.

Her son entered primary school. At the PTA session the teacher said, “Out of a class of 50 students, your son was ranked 40th in his mathematics test. We suspect he has a learning disability, and you should bring him for a medical test.”

On the way back home, she started crying. However, when she reached home, she sat in front of her son and told him, “The teacher has full confidence in you. He said that you are not a stupid child, and as long as you are more careful, you will definitely surpass the kid who sit on the same table as you. He was ranked 21st in the Math test.”

As she said this, she realised that her son’s dim eyes suddenly lit up, and his disheartened face also perked up. She was also surprised to realise that her son became more docile, and seemed to mature greatly. 

The next day, he left for school earlier than usual.

When her son entered secondary school, she attended another PTA session. She sat by her son’s seat, waiting for the teacher to call her son’s name. After all, during all the previous session, her son had always been classified under the weaker students section.

To her surprise, her son’s name wasn’t called during the meeting. Taken aback, she talked to the teacher as she left, who told her, “Based on your son’s current results, it might be risky to apply for the top junior colleges.”

She walked out of the school gates pleasantly surprised, and saw her son waiting for her. As she leaned on her son’s shoulder on the journey back, she experienced an indescribable sweetness welling inside her. She said to him, “Your form teacher is very pleased with you. He said that as long as you work hard, you have a good chance of entering the top junior colleges.”

Her son eventually graduated from junior college.

As the first batch of university acceptance letters were being issued, her son’s school called to ask him to go to the school. She had a hunch that her son had been accepted by Tsing Hua University [a top engineering university that is very difficult to gain acceptance into].

This was because when he was taking the university entrance exam, she told her son that she believed he could successfully enter this university.

Her son came back from his school, holding a couriered letter from Tsing Hua University’s Admission Office. He suddenly turned, ran into his room, and started crying. As he cried, he said, “Mum, I know I’m not a smart child, but in this whole world, only you can appreciate me…”

At this point, she felt both a sense of bittersweetness, and could no longer control the tears in her heart that had coalesced over the last ten over years. Her tears fell onto the letter in her hand.

A word of encouragement can change a person’s thinking and behaviour, and can even change a person’s life!

A word of criticism can harm a person’s mind and body, and can even destroy a person’s future!

























一句鼓勵的話 可改變一個人的觀念與行為 甚至改變一個人的命運!

一句負面的話 可刺傷一個人的心靈與身體 甚至毀滅一個人的未來!

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